The Zig-Zag

What it looks like :
You’re going to need to know how to make a backward knot for this pattern. Go ahead and visit The Four Knots to review them.

Continue this until your bracelet is done. Your finished product will look like this:


1) Take four strings and arrange them in any order. Take the first string and make forward knots on all the other strings.

2) After you’re done with that, start making forward knots with the next string (in the example, it’s green) on all the other strings too. Do this with the other strings that follow. (In the example, they are purple and blue)

3) Your bracelet should look like a regular candy stripe bracelet. But here’s the twist: take the last string that you just finished making forward knots with (in the example, it’s the purple string) and make backward knots on all the other strings. After, take the next string (blue) and do the same. Continue with the last two strings (in example: green and orange)

4) You are going to see the start of the zig-zag now.

5) Your finished product!

Good Ideas

Try adding more threads to make the zig-zag more obvious. When it’s small, it is a lot easier to notice mistakes when making knots. Try using about seven strands of string.

The Zig-Zag example at the top of the page : I used 5 strands of embroidery floss in a rainbow pattern. It’s only part of a zig zag because my strings were very short and I couldn’t finish!

Comment if you have any questions!


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