What it looks like :

What you need to know for this pattern : You should already know how to make the chevron pattern, and review your backward knots on The Four Knots page if you haven’t already.
What to expect in this pattern : The first couple hearts aren’t probably going to be perfect! But with practice, they will be! Also, read the instructions carefully. It’s really easy to mess up.
Measurements : Strings should be arm’s length, all even strands.

Have fun knotting!


1) Take two different colors and cut eight strands of each. I used green and pink. They should be organized like this : 1, 2, 1, 2, 2, 1, 2, 1.

The first color that you put in front will be the color of the heart. The second one will be the background color.

2) Go to the right side of your bracelet. Take the first strand (pink) and make backward knots on the three strings.

3) Now move back to the left side. Make three forward knots on the remaining strands on the left, and finish with a forward knot on the strand that you used to knot on the right side.

This is just a basic chevron right now!

4) You’re going to do the same thing with the green string that you did with the pink – another row of basic chevron. (In the picture I’m showing you the connecting knot of the green strings after I finished knotting on the right and left sides.)

5) Now, take the second string on the left side (green) and make a backward knot onto the first string (pink). On the right side, you are going to knot on the same color strings (green onto pink) but use a forward knot instead.

6) Your bracelet should look like this now! Take the pink strands on each side (the ones that the green string just knotted over) and complete a basic chevron again. This picture above and the next on step seven should help you figure out what I’m saying!

If you don’t remember what a ‘basic chevron’ is, take the left side and make two forward knots on the pink and green strings. On the right side, make two backward knots on the other pink and green strings. In the middle, take the first pink string and make a forward knot on the other pink. Ta-da!

Of course, it isn’t going to look like a normal chevron anymore. The first two knots on each side will be green in the row, and the rest will be pink. Don’t worry! It’s suppose to be that way.

7) Your bracelet should look like this. Now take the second string (pink) on the left side and make a backward knot on the green. On the right side, take the second string (pink) and make a forward knot onto the green string. This is exactly what we did on step 5, except the colors are reversed!

8 ) Now you’re going to complete a basic chevron again! On the left side, take the green string (the one that the pink string just knotted over in the last step) and make forward knots on the next two strings. On the right, you’re going to do the same thing but use backward knots. In the middle, connect the two greens together with a forward knot.

Yes, this is the same thing we did before on step 6 but with the colors reversed.

The next picture will show you what your bracelet should look like!

9) Your bracelet should look like this.

Now you’re going to REPEAT THE PATTERN! Yes, it looks like the green is going to be your heart – but it isn’t! The pink is. Here’s a drawing of what the bracelet will look like after you repeat the first two steps of this pattern :

See? The pink is the heart, and the green is the background! Just like I said in step 1.

It’s a horrible drawing, I know, and I promise your bracelet will look so much better (with a bit of practice, of course!). If you want to see what the bracelet looks like in real life, then scroll to the top to see mine. I used Prism brand craft thread in pastel pink and green.

Hope this helped!!!

Need help? Comment with your question!


7 Responses to Heart

  1. Samantha Sprott says:

    heyy thanks for the tutorial it actually really helped im gonna try to make a bracelet now and let hope i dont mess it up!! wish me luck i’ll show it too u soon 🙂

  2. sussanna says:

    thnx you quysz thiss helped me ALOT you quys shuld post more instustions for differnt bracelets(:

  3. sussanna says:

    thiss helped me so much;D

  4. Ruby says:

    Thankyou for this! I will make all of my friends one, not all but most! That’s a lot of string! Thanks.xx

  5. Rachel says:

    where did you buy your craft thread?

    • I buy my craft thread mostly at Michael’s Craft stores, but I like the string Janlynn makes because they sell it in packs of 105. You can get either embroidery floss or craft thread (embroidery floss is smooth, while craft thread is tighter bound) and it works very well for me for a “cheap” thread. You can buy it online too, and I think Michaels doesn’t carry the jumbo packs anymore, but you can check!

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