Starting a Bracelet

Starting a Bracelet

You’re going to need…

  • Embroidery floss skeins or craft thread. (Can be found in any craft store)
  • Scissors
  • A clipboard/strong tape/safety pins
  • An old pillowcase (only if you are using safety pins)

Cut the skeins with the scissors for your desired length. Each string length should be about 30 inches or about 76 cm (generally, for some bracelets this is way too much!) , but it all depends on your wrist size, the number of threads, and whatever design you’re doing.

If you aren’t sure, try the length of your arm. That’s what “arm’s length” means. It’s just one arm, not both spread apart. That is way too much string!

In all patterns on this website, if not specified, use your arm’s length for the amount of string to use. If you have thin wrists, obviously you’re going to have a bit left over! And if your wrists are a bit larger, then you’re probably going to have to use a bit more string. Use your judgement!


Leave about five inches (about 13 cm) of string before tying a large knot. Sometimes, you take the strings, fold them in half, and tie a knot so you have a loop to tie the end through. Either works fine.

If you are using tape, find a flat surface (preferably one that doesn’t have paint that can peel off from the strength of the tape) and tape it right on the knot. If you have a clipboard, just clip the strings right on top of the knot. If you are using safety pins and a pillowcase, take the safety pin and stick it through the knot (try to get as many strings on the pin as possible), and pin it to the pillowcase.

Now you’re going to start your bracelet design. Click ‘patterns’ to get some ideas.


When you finish your bracelet design, it’s time to end it.

Take the top strings (remember those five inches you left at the beginning?) and separate the strings into three groups. Begin to braid them. At the end, take one a piece from a random group and make two or three forward-knots (if you don’t know what these are, visit ‘the four knots) and it should stay put. If it doesn’t, knot it a couple more times.

You should have some remaining strings at the bottom, too. Do this same process on these also.

Now you’re done! Have a parent or a friend tie the bracelet on your wrist for you.


If you need any help, just ask!


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