Look out for a new tutorial!

I’ve been working on a new bracelet design that I’ve always wanted to do- and I finally got it right! I sense a possible new tutorial coming out soon!
The bracelet design is commonly known as the ‘Wave’, but also takes the name of the Peruvian friendship bracelet. They are very popular around where I live, a bunch of stands in the mall have them and lots of my friends have bought them there (they’re expensive!) So here’s my advice: save seven dollars on a design that’ll only take about 30 minutes (not stopping, of course) to make on your own. Plus, there’s a bonus too because you get to customize it yourself!
Here’s a picture of how mine came out :

Cool, huh? This is simple, even though it looks hard! Even easier than a candy stripe bracelet or even a chinese staircase (tutorial coming on that one, don’t sweat).
Another thing to look out for (drum roll!) : Another chevron pattern! This one will spice up your bracelet!
Until next time!

About braceletmaker

I make bracelets. :)
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