Friendship Knots!

Welcome to Friendship Knots!

Hi and welcome! Finally I got around to post. Basically, this is where you find out how to make some really cool bracelets. But not with those directions that you absolutely cannot understand. Or those directions that only have pictures and you don’t know what you’re looking for. These instructions are really easy. So have fun learning!

Other things

Other blog posts? They can’t only be about patterns of course!

Good color combinations: Want to ever look for a good color combination, but can’t find one? I’ve found a couple that go really well- and some that you should definitely avoid.

Pattern variations: Just one pattern gets really boring. So spice it up a bit! Good ideas where to put beads, combined patterns, and more will make your bracelet stand out among the rest!

Latest Projects! See what I’m making. And I’ll always post where I get them from so you can do yourself if you want!

Hope you love Friendship Knots!


About braceletmaker

I make bracelets. :)
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